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For the entirety of the nearly two decades that OpenStreetMap has operated and changed the availability of global geospatial data, the project has relied on the dedication and innovation of volunteers around the world. That commitment has been reflected in the creation and growth of OpenStreetMap US, which spent its first 10 years operating as a volunteer-run organization. Recognizing the power and importance of volunteers on the impact of OpenStreetMap, we are proud to announce that OpenStreetMap US has been selected as a Certifying Organization for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award.

Created in 2003, the President’s Volunteer Service Award honors individuals whose service positively impacts communities in every corner of the nation and inspires those around them to take action, too. Eligible and certified volunteers will receive a PVSA Award Package including a personalized Certificate of Achievement and a Congratulatory Letter signed by the President of the United States of America.

Going forward, OpenStreetMap US will be able to recognize the hard work of OSM US members who contribute to the project and our community with this appreciation of service. Whether you’ve mapped every street sign in Tulsa, Oklahoma, or regularly attend the monthly OSMCha meetings to help further tool development, if you’ve dedicated 100 hours or more of volunteer time within an award year, you are highly encouraged to apply for the award. We would love to celebrate your ongoing volunteer efforts!

We plan to announce the first batch of President’s Volunteer Service Awards at the 2024 State of the Map US in Salt Lake City, Utah, honoring volunteer hours completed between May 1st, 2023 and April 30th, 2024. Interested in the award? Please check out our new page for the award program covering eligibility requirements, FAQs, and additional information.

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OpenStreetMap US, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is advancing the democratization of geospatial data by catalyzing collaborative action around OpenStreetMap between individuals, government agencies, nonprofits, corporations, and academia. Through our grassroots initiatives and community-based programs, we create pathways for all individuals to access and improve OpenStreetMap as it increasingly becomes the source that decision-makers and corporations use to positively impact our lives.

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