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Maggie Cawley, Executive Director of OpenStreetMap US, talks about OpenStreetMap and Public Domain Map on a panel at Open the Paths 2023.

Let’s talk Standardized data production– Can aggregators and tool ecosystems help data producers address common problems: Tooling, quality assurance and best practices to collect, vet, maintain and disseminate Multimodal Accessibility-forward Transportation Data at scale

In this session, the “data aggregator perspective” is discussed:

  • Maggie Cawley, Public Domain Map, OpenStreetMap US | OpenStreetMap US
  • Mark Hallenbeck, Transportation Data Equity Initiative | UW TRAC
  • Elizabeth Sall, Mobility Data Interoperability Principles | Urban Labs


Maggie Cawley

Maggie is currently the full time Executive Director for OpenStreetMap US, based in Baltimore, Maryland, working to support and grow OpenStreetMap US. She was a board member for two years and is part of the TeachOSM Steering Committee. With TeachOSM, she has developed curriculum around OSM and open source geospatial tools, and is a constant promoter of OSM into educational systems and processes. Her background includes work in urban planning, GIS analysis, project management, and field data collection.

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Public Domain Map

Public Domain Map is a bridge database that lets organizations crowdsource authoritative map data in cases where OpenStreetMap isn’t an option. Mappers can address public data gaps while producing high quality data that is format- and license-compatible with OSM.

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