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The Daylight Map Distribution is the result of Facebook’s process to build an OSM dataset corrected for vandalism, profanity, and other harmful edits. We publish a planet PBF every 4 weeks to S3 for anyone to use that may be worried about exposing their users to these harmful edits. This is the same dataset Facebook uses in its widely published basemap. We also release OSC “sidecar” files that add ML-derived roads and buildings to the map. This presentation will describe how we create the Daylight Map dataset and the types of harmful edits we try to protect against.


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Using OpenStreetMap to Quantify Local Economic Disparity Resulting from Traditional Racial and Class Segregation

May 21, 2021 · Willem Lee-Stockton

Lubbock Texas’s history of racial and class segregation has modern impacts. Texas Tech YouthMappers and a local NGO apply OSM to further quantify local inequality and disparity. We hosted a 3-day livestream...