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We always think of the curb as just the minute space that separates a road to a sidewalk, but what really is the curb? My talk will go over how the curb that barely anyone paid attention to (other than parking meters), to a prime real estate area with a myriad of uses and assets. So, what actually makes up the curb? How could OSM data help agencies manage? Ever thought about how the signs and trees we map on OSM could help out a city enforce loading zones? What about double parking on bike lanes? I would like to share my theories, research, share some samples, and have an open discussion.


Daniela Waltersdorfer

Daniela is a Transportation Engineer/Planner at Cambridge Systematics and a proud advocate of opensource data and spaces. She is from Lima, Peru, and currently resides in Washington D.C. with her dog, Milou.

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