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We originally built RapiD with solely AI derived data in mind but we pretty quickly realized that the framework would be useful for other sorts of data as well. Adding external datasets to OSM has always been a challenge as the data prep and conflation can be onerous steps. To simplify this, we partnered with Esri to integrate OSM compatible datasets directly into RapiD. Today, there are well over 50 US datasets available for mapping right now.

This workshop will focus on how to map with these datasets and how to bring your own data into RapiD.

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Welcome to Mapping USA + WikiConference North America 2022!

Nov 11, 2022 · Maggie Cawley and Kevin Payravi

Welcome session for Mapping USA + WikiConference North America 2022, featuring Maggie Cawley (OSM US) and Kevin Payravi (WCNA).