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I have been involved with the OpenHistoricalMap project since its inception - what started out as an idea more than 10 years ago, to use the OpenStreetMap software to map historical objects, has grown into a full featured project with the dream of having a time slider to visualize history starting to be realized, with a growing active community.

We started off hosting on a single server, with attempts to get the raster tile server to honour time as a component. We are now using the osm-seed project to deploy a wide range of OSM services to a Kubernetes cluster: the OSM website, Tasking Manager, Overpass, TagInfo, Nominatim - lightly modified to fit the historical use-case.

The talk will walk through a brief social and technical history of the project, and then a dive into the technical architecture and challenges involved with adapting the OSM infrastructure to include time as a component.


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OpenStreetMap for Roman roads? Middle Kingdom cities? 1890s railways? OpenHistoricalMap is aiming to create the most comprehensive, most out-of-date map of everything that’s existed from Then through Now.

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