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In 2021, the ‘metaverse’ became a household term. How does virtual reality connect with OpenStreetMap? And how do we bring OSM into the metaverse?

In this talk, I will present on how technologists are creating a platform that anyone in the world can use to re-create a 3D environment. This opens up incredible possibilities and parallels with OpenStreetMap—I will explore how OSM connects with the metaverse, and how mappers can engage with 3D tech just with a smartphone.

I will introduce the audience to our “3D Streetview Dashboard” that uses tools like OpenDataKit and OpenDroneMap to empower individuals or communities to reconstruct their world in three dimensions. I’ll introduce the power of photogrammetry, and explain how our tools work together and can be accessed.

Finally, I will demo the platform by showing immersive 3D meshes we have made in the Philippines, Tanzania, Japan, and the United States, that can be explored from a desktop computer or in a Virtual Reality Headset!


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