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A team of experienced mappers and language experts at Meta has reviewed a dataset of major map features from OSM, and used the curated results as for one of their validation processes to check for quality issues of the Daylight and OSM maps. The curated results are considered as a reference library of major map features. During the validation process, this library is used to compare against Daylight and OSM maps to look for suspicious changes on features included in the library, helping our team to keep a stable quality on major map features. In our talk, we will introduce more details about this curated library and processes we use for Daylight and OSM data

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Apr 2, 2022 · William Evans

In 2021, the ‘metaverse’ became a household term. How does virtual reality connect with OpenStreetMap? And how do we bring OSM into the metaverse? In this talk, I will present on how...