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This talk is a quick overview of the concerns that led to the formation of the U.S. Trails Working Group (TWG), the structure of the group, and the topics the group is discussing. The TWG’s main purpose is to address safety and environmental issues arising when unsanctioned trails appear in mobile navigation applications. Please attend this talk for an orientation to the subsequent Birds of a Feather session on the same topic where you can join the discussion!

For further information, see the recent OpenStreetMap US blog post.

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Diane Fritz

Diane serves as the geospatial go-to for students and faculty at an academic library in Denver, Colorado. Her avocations can be described as “anything outdoors.”

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Trails Stewardship Initiative

The OpenStreetMap US Trails Stewardship Initiative is a collaboration of government, volunteer, and private sector stakeholders working to address issues in trail mapping, outdoor recreation, and public land management.

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