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Today, the entire Daylight Map Distribution of OpenStreetMap is now available on AWS as a public dataset with complete geometries and expanded metadata in an Athena compatible format. All one needs is beginner knowledge of SQL to get started.

Want to know how many meters of primary highway are in OSM? This question is now a 3 line query: “SELECT sum(linear_meters) FROM osm_features WHERE tags[‘highway’] = ‘primary’”

We can then limit this to the past year, group by States or Countries using the geometries, or even search for only roads from changesets with an Amazon Data Team hashtag to get the total length of driveways edited by Amazon last year. It has never been this simple before, and the possibilities are endless.

As a public dataset, all of the hosting costs are covered and anyone is able to utilize these incredibly powerful (and wickedly fast!) cloud services to answer virtually any question about OSM without having to run their own infrastructure.

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