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The Trails Stewardship Initiative is a project of OpenStreetMap US focused on improving OpenStreetMap trail data quality in support of responsible recreation. Pilot campaigns have shown the need to improve trail mapping workflows. OpenTrailMap is a prototype tool built to help mappers easily visualize and validate trail data. In the future, OpenTrailMap could close the loop between mappers and trail managers, allowing users to view, edit, download, and comment on OpenStreetMap trail data.


Quincy Morgan

Quincy is a mapper, developer, and traveler from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He currently supports community tools and websites as Technical Lead at OpenStreetMap US. Previously, he was a maintainer of the iD editor.

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Trails Stewardship Initiative

The OpenStreetMap US Trails Stewardship Initiative is a collaboration of government, volunteer, and private sector stakeholders working to address issues in trail mapping, outdoor recreation, and public land management.

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