OpenStreetMap US

An overview session on the OSM US Trails Stewardship Initiative and Utah mapping campaign.


Maggie Cawley

Maggie is currently the full time Executive Director for OpenStreetMap US, based in Baltimore, Maryland, working to support and grow OpenStreetMap US. She was a board member for two years and is part of the TeachOSM Steering Committee. With TeachOSM, she has developed curriculum around OSM and open source geospatial tools, and is a constant promoter of OSM into educational systems and processes. Her background includes work in urban planning, GIS analysis, project management, and field data collection.

Diane Fritz

Diane serves as the geospatial go-to for students and faculty at an academic library in Denver, Colorado. Her avocations can be described as “anything outdoors.”

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Trails Stewardship Initiative

The OpenStreetMap US Trails Stewardship Initiative is a collaboration of government, volunteer, and private sector stakeholders working to address issues in trail mapping, outdoor recreation, and public land management.

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