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I moved across the country because an old guy I met from a newspaper article gave me his map store. Now I own The Map Center in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. What role do paper maps have in the 21st century? Outdoor recreation maps are what are keeping me afloat. Demand for context and adventure are still fairly high. Most outdoor recreation maps for regional parks and trails are poorly done. I’m crowdsourcing IP for map prints to serve my customers and getting amateur cartographers paid.

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Mapping for Equity Project Update: How BetaNYC's Fellows Map the Public Realm

Jun 8, 2024 · Jazzy Smith, Naeema Haque, and Dimitri Mimy

Last year, BetaNYC launched Mapping for Equity on OpenStreetMap, training CUNY students to map public amenities on OpenStreetMap for more equitable NYC spaces. This year, we’re unveiling new project iterations. We’ve integrated...