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September 23, 2023 marks the 30th anniversary of National Public Lands Day. Organized by the National Environmental Education Foundation, National Public Lands Day seeks to connect people with their environment and encourage stewardship of the land. Many national parks and public lands celebrate this day through free entrance, volunteer events, and environmental engagement. In honor of National Public Lands Day, we’re excited to welcome AllTrails as a new Supporter Member and highlight our Trail Stewardship Initiative.

“We are proud to officially partner with OpenStreetMap US so we can build a precise digital map to help people recreate responsibly, protect our natural areas, and empower people to explore safely.”

-Shane Douglas, AllTrails General Manager of Public Lands

AllTrails, the world’s largest exploration app, helps people plan and navigate their outdoor adventures. With more than 400,000 curated trails across the globe, AllTrails is a popular digital trail guide. Through its Public Land Program, AllTrails designed a platform for land management organizations to  access and easily adjust route lines and descriptions, inform visitors with real-time alerts, and track usage patterns that help them proactively manage the overall visitor experience and impacts.

Joining OSM US as an Organizational Member compliments their participation in the Trails Stewardship Initiative. Since 2021, AllTrails has been an active member of the Trails Working Group, alongside key partners such as the US Forest Service and US Geological Survey, working with OpenStreetMap US on the development of tools, strategies, and solutions to advance responsible recreation and trail data quality.

About the Trail Stewardship Initiative

Launched in 2021, OpenStreetMap US’s Trails Stewardship Initiative is a collaboration of government, volunteer, and private sector stakeholders working to address issues in trail mapping, navigation, outdoor recreation, and public land management.

The Initiative aims to:

  • Improve EQUITABLE ACCESS to trails for all citizens

  • Increase SAFETY for outdoor enthusiasts on public lands

  • Promote RESPONSIBLE RECREATION for the protection of our natural environment and out of respect for tribal and private lands

Through these efforts, navigation apps better display OpenStreetMap trail data, improve equitable access to the outdoors and trail users’ ability to engage in responsible recreation, and protect our natural world.

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OpenStreetMap US is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization advancing geospatial data democracy in the United States by catalyzing collaborative action around OpenStreetMap between individuals, government agencies, nonprofits, corporations, and academia. Learn more about OpenStreetMap US and its initiatives to improve open trail data in the United States at

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Trails Stewardship Initiative

The OpenStreetMap US Trails Stewardship Initiative is a collaboration of government, volunteer, and private sector stakeholders working to address issues in trail mapping, outdoor recreation, and public land management.


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