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OpenHistoricalMap: What's new in the world of old?

Feb 21, 2024 · Jeff Meyer, Minh Nguyễn, and Richard Welty

There’s a lot of new happenings in the home of old mapping, OpenHistoricalMap. This mappy hour will cover a few topics, including: The recent Newberry Library Atlas of Historical County Boundaries import...

Too many tabs: leveraging sister projects to stay organized

Jan 19, 2024 · Minh Nguyễn

We’ve all been there: fixing one little thing leads to a rabbit hole of research. Learn to escape the hole and Keep Mapping Fun by contributing in tandem to OpenStreetMap, OpenHistoricalMap, Wikidata,...

OpenHistoricalMap: Doing History

Jun 11, 2023 · Richard Welty

History is harder than it looks. While there may be one true set of facts, almost immediately after an event, facts start getting lost or confused. Research is harder than just looking...

Turbocharging Local Historical Societies with OpenHistoricalMap

Jun 11, 2023 · Jeff Meyer

Odds are, your local community has at least one, if not several historical societies, and OHM has all the tools to help them get off the ground with building old maps of...

Mapping Old Richmond with OldInsuranceMaps & OpenHistoricalMap

Jun 10, 2023 · Jeff Meyer

Let’s leave Richmond better than we found it by putting this city’s long history on OpenHistoricalMap. Whether you’re into mapping buildings, railroads, businesses, or something else, let’s see how much progress we...

Mapping the turn of the Century with OpenHistoricalMap and

Jun 9, 2023 · Jeff Meyer and Adam Cox has just made it very easy to set up tile maps of 19th century Sanborn Insurance maps and edit them in OpenHistoricalMap. This session will talk about how the two projects...

The OpenHistoricalMap experiment

Jun 9, 2023 · Richard Welty

OpenHistoricalMap has proven to be a big laboratory. The original concept was very simple in conception, but has unearthed a huge number of considerations. Those considerations have resulted in a lot of...

Linking Wikimedia and OpenStreetMap

Nov 11, 2022 · Richard Welty

This session will cover the mechanisms that exist for specifying cross connections between various Wikimedia projects (Commons, Wikidata, Wikipedia) and OpenStreetMap and OpenHistoricalMap. There are connectivity mechanisms in existence that can significantly...

A Brief Technical History of OpenHistoricalMap

Apr 2, 2022 · Sanjay Bhangar

I have been involved with the OpenHistoricalMap project since its inception - what started out as an idea more than 10 years ago, to use the OpenStreetMap software to map historical objects,...

OpenHistoricalMap: Time

Apr 2, 2022 · Richard Welty

A quick summary of the current status of time processing in OpenHistoricalMap and discussion of future plans and ideas.

OpenHistoricalMap: Life Cycle

Apr 1, 2022 · Richard Welty

OpenHistoricalMap by its nature must provide more extensive and robust Life Cycle support than OpenStreetMap. This presentation looks at some approaches and discusses some current experiments. Considerations discussed include both UI/UX issues...

OpenHistoricalMap: Mapping the Erie Canal

Oct 27, 2021 · Richard Welty

This OpenStreetMap US Virtual Mappy Hour features guest speaker Richard Welty presenting on OpenHistoricalMap, showcasing the process behind mapping the Erie Canal.

OpenHistoricalMap Welcomed As An OSM US Charter Project

May 26, 2021 · Maggie Cawley

OpenStreetMap US is excited to announce our latest Charter Project - OpenHistoricalMap! As a project, OpenHistoricalMap has existed in some form since 2012 and is well-known in the OSM ecosystem. We had...

Mapping History in the Pacific Northwest

May 21, 2021 · Nathan Proudfoot

In this talk, I plan to talk about mapping history on OpenHistoricalMap where I have been working on mapping time within the northwest. I would also like to go over how to...

Mapping USA's History on OpenHistoricalMap

May 21, 2021 · Jeff Meyer

We will showcase the progress of the OHM platform for use in historical mapping, focused on US history-related topics. We can talk about any scale of project or focus, with an emphasis...

OpenHistoricalMap Overview

Jul 8, 2020 · Richard Welty

This OpenStreetMap US Virtual Mappy Hour features guest presenters from the OpenHistoricalMap project.

Update on OpenHistoricalMap: Using the OpenStreetMap stack live with vector tiles

Sep 8, 2019 · Jeff Meyer

We’ve finally gotten around to updating OHM with a variety of enhancements. This sessions will cover both (a) the tech upgrades & tradeoffs we’ve made to support a time slider and other...