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Bridging the digital divide in Education; Leveraging TeachOSM

Jun 9, 2023 · Tumusiime Ronald and Namale Prossy

The OpenStreetMap in Schools program looks at introducing OpenStreetMap and open mapping techniques in schools to bolster the learning of geography while increasing the uptake of STEM education in schools. Through the...

TeachOSM 2.0

Jun 9, 2023 · Jess Beutler and Steven Johnson

This year, TeachOSM celebrates 10 years of introducing educators and students to learning through OpenStreetMap. With a decade of bridging OpenStreetMap and education, we have built on many lessons learned to develop...

Announcing the Education Working Group

May 9, 2022 · OpenStreetMap US and the TeachOSM Steering Committee

OpenStreetMap has great potential for use in education with direct application for geography, but also for social sciences, environmental sciences, civics, and many other subjects. After all, a mapping project is a...

A Student Reflection on State of the Map US 2022

Apr 18, 2022 · Hayden MacLachlan

This a guest blog post featuring Hayden MacLachlan’s experience at State of the Map US 2022 in Tucson, Arizona. Hayden is a fourth-year undergraduate student at George Washington University and currently the...

OpenStreetMap in Education

Apr 1, 2022 · Jess Beutler, Steven Johnson, and Richard Hinton

What do students love about open mapping? Why is open mapping one of the most effective teaching tools? In this session, TeachOSM contributors will share how to connect students to meaningful &...

Back to School Night with TeachOSM: OpenStreetMap for Education

Sep 21, 2021 · Steven Johnson, Greg Hill, Celeste Reynolds, Jess Beutler, Tom Mueller, Richard Hinton, and Courtney Clark

What do students love about open mapping? Why is open mapping one of the most effective teaching tools? In this series of short lightning talks, you’ll find out how you can connect...

University Education and OpenStreetMap: Creating Service Learning Opportunities

May 21, 2021 · Tom Mueller

OpenStreetMapping is easy and requires little GIS knowledge. This makes it the perfect tool to incorporate into classes. This presentation will examine OSM at California University of Pennsylvania (CalU) by describing the...

10 Years of OpenStreetMap in the Classroom

May 21, 2021 · Richard Hinton

In this lightning talk I’ll present the why, how and results of incorporating OSM in the curriculum of GIS classes at George Washington University. Introducing OSM into the GIS classes was part...

OpenStreetMap in Education with TeachOSM & AGS

Apr 14, 2021 · Steven Johnson and Courtney Clark

The TeachOSM steering committee and American Geographical Society shared how OSM has been introduced in classrooms across the country.

Using OpenStreetMap to Teach Geography: An Introduction to TeachOSM

Apr 29, 2020 · Steven Johnson

This OpenStreetMap US Virtual Mappy Hour features guest presenter Steven Johnson from TeachOSM talking about OpenStreetMap and Education.

OpenStreetMap Education in High School

Apr 1, 2020 · Celeste Reynolds

This a guest blog post featuring OpenStreetMap community member Celeste Reynolds. Do you have a story to tell? OpenStreetMap US news or info to share? Message us at and we’ll work...

TeachOSM: The New Site

Sep 7, 2019 · Thomas Gertin

The TeachOSM website’s purpose is to be a central location to empower and support educators at all levels to integrate open source mapping and the OpenStreetMap ecosystem of tools in the classroom....

TeachOSM Workshops: Training the Next Generation of OpenStreetMappers

Jul 2, 2019 · Steven Johnson

Do you remember your high school geography classes? (Did you even have a high school geography class?) How cool would it have been to use OpenStreetMap in your class? If you’re being...

Help Us Define the New Face of TeachOSM!

Aug 13, 2018 · Maggie Cawley and Shawn Goulet

Calling all OpenStreetMappers - TeachOSM needs your help! Haven’t heard of TeachOSM? Chartered in 2016, it is a project of OpenStreetMap US that provides operational support and strategic guidance for the educational...

TeachOSM: Using OpenStreetMap to teach Geography

Mar 26, 2015 · Steven Johnson

With the upcoming State of the Map US conference at the United Nations I am proud to announce TeachOSM, a focal point for educators and instructors who integrate OpenStreetMap in their classroom...